“In every problem is an opportunity so large that it literally dwarfs the problem."


It has been a pleasure watching NC Education evolve since I first began teaching in 1998. One of my most rewarding yet challenging assignments was during the time I taught high school math and science at our county’s alternative school. I was one of three teachers to pilot the new Cleveland County initiative and during my time there, I fell in love with one of our director’s favorite quotes which stated that “In every problem is an opportunity so large that it literally dwarfs the problem. I’m not sure where this quote originated but since the first day I heard it, I embraced it.  I refuse to see problems. I choose to see growth opportunities. I choose to see catalyst for creativity.  There are no problems with NC Public Education; however, I do see limitless opportunities and possibilities.


"The need to evolve our classrooms is my non-negotiable, and it was my personal mission as principal to make my school feel like a place where students"

When you walk into Carley Parker's 2nd grade classroom, your eye is immediately met by a floor-to-ceiling sized sunflower mural that is glistened by the sun when it peeks through the window blinds. The students have a variety of seating options, commonly called flexible seating, from stools to wobble seats to cushioned floor seating. She has a beautiful wooden stage that students use to present upon or gather around during morning meeting. As students come in each morning, they take part in a schoolwide practice called Morning Choice, where puzzles, board games, Legos, and art have replaced morning work and busy sheets. As she starts her instruction, students take a look at the Smartboard to see their small flexible literacy and math groups for the day.